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    8 Ways GDPR Is Course-Correcting the Digital Ad World

    The implementation of GDPR places many uncomfortable limitations on the digital advertising marketplace for both business operations working within and outside the countries that span the EU. 

    Ben Plomion
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    NBA Advertisers Chew On Data From GumGum’s Computer Vision Tool

    Last year, the National Basketball Association implemented a decision to allow sponsors to place small logo patches on player uniforms. It was the first time that the NBA had permitted jersey advertising, and it led to a key question: How would sponsors know whether their advertising investment was worth the multi-million-dollar cost?

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    Deep Learning Aims To Upgrade Your Smartphone's Brain

    The advertising world loves big, shiny, techy things. Agency and client ears perk right up when they hear about virtual reality kiosks, gadget-filled activations and holograms of dead rock stars. But then there are the tech innovations that sound a bit, or a lot, less sexy. Things like deep learning.

  • emarketer

    Most Marketers Say They Understand AI, but the Details Are Hazy

    Artificial intelligence (AI) has been invoked by everyone from Elon Musk, who warns the technology could spell the end of humanity, to labor analysts, who caution it could bring an end to most jobs.

  • huffpost

    Brand Safety Problems are Symptoms of a Bigger Issue

    Brand managers have a handful of tools to ensure brand safety: blacklists, whitelists, and even third-party verification to screen placements.

    Phil Schraeder
  • pc

    GumGum's Ophir Tanz on Bad Ads and Good AI

    Ophir Tanz, CEO and Founder of GumGum, a firm that started off as a computer-vision company and is quickly becoming a full-stack vertical-AI solution company.

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    it's an AI world 68% of CMOs report that their company is currently selling, using or planning for business in the AI era
    it's an AI world You've probably heard: Artificial intelligence (AI) is the future of marketing. But it's not just the future—most marketers already use AI everyday.

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    BrandRX: The new brand safety crisis

    In this report, we’ll highlight our study’s key findings and attempt to trace the epidemic’s root causes, ultimately identifying how brands, agencies, publishers and platforms can limit their risk in a more complicated digital media environment.

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    The new brand safety 75% of brands reported at least one brand-unsafe exposure in the past year, yet 15% don’t use any brand safety measures at all.